We launched out first night at Ideal Park's location in May of 2013!  What an amazing story of God's grace!  On our first day, we anticipated no one.  Two of our prayer warriors walked the neighborhood to share the "Good News" that we were starting a gathering in this neighborhood.  They visited a handful of homes and by God's provision, they visited the Stout residence.  Their middle daughter encouraged our volunteers and said she would show up. When she did, she asked "Where is everybody?".  Our volunteers were just excited that they were the first ones to show.  This young lady immediately got on her phone to contact a few friends and within an hour, we had over 20+ high school/college students.  It was an amazing testimony to God's calling of J.A.M to the neighborhood of Ideal Park!


Join us every Friday evening at 5:00pm at

320 56th St., Wyoming, MI 49509